What time of year is best to remove moss from roof?

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What time of year is best to remove moss from roof?

The best time to treat roof moss is when it is actively growing. Moss grows very little in summer, but accelerates during fall rains, moderate winters and the first months of spring. Treating moss on the roof just before peak fall rains is the perfect time. It's ideal for treating and removing moss as it grows and thrives (October to April).

If you treat the roof once a year, the moss won't grow beyond routine maintenance. As a general rule, seeing a green tint on the roof means that the moss is going through the maintenance phase and you may need a restoration plan to completely remove it. The difference between restoration and maintenance in relation to moss is whether you treat it or remove it; it's also the factor that determines if you can do it yourself. If you've started to notice that moss regularly blocks gutters or if you can see from the ground level that there is a buildup of moss on the roof, now is the time to consider removing it.

In addition, your gutters also need to be prioritized. Once your gutters get clogged, the water will overflow into your roof which might water damage your roof. This will also cause a serious mold problem so if you will not fix the clog then removing the clog on your roof will be wasted. You can also hire a gutter cleaning service such as Gutter Cleaning Hendersonville NC to help you maintain and keep the gutters from their function. 

Before long, the moss will spread and get out of control, quickly becoming a much bigger job. The summer months, when the weather is drier, are the best time of year to get work done. It's very dangerous to clean roofs in wet, windy or icy conditions, so if you're thinking about doing this job, make sure you don't leave it until the winter and start looking for a professional company that will carry out the work for you in spring. We'll talk about the treatment and removal of moss in this installment, and how to clean the gutters in the second part.

In this installment, Greg explains what homeowners should know about roof moss and guides you through the roof cleaning process. A handful of roofers instead, where moss infections are common, focus on removing the moss. The good news is that there are some simple and easy ways you can follow to prevent moss from multiplying on the roof. Not only that, but remember that moss is at its peak when conditions are humid, and while you can still clean the roof in winter or summer, you might find yourself cleaning your roof regularly.

Moss can also attract insects and birds that break moss for use in their nests, spreading the moss to other parts of the roof and causing it to spread. So, if you want to effectively and safely clean the moss off your roof, you'll surely need to have a good game plan with smart safety procedures. Once you add in the humid climate and strong winds of the Pacific Northwest, the possibility of removing moss with a broom becomes even less attractive. Removing moss from the roof is a relatively simple process, as long as you don't let it get out of control.

There are many service providers who know the best time of year to clean roof moss. Once you've done what you can with the broom, take the same bristle brush in your hand and aggressively remove the smaller portions of moss. When done at regular intervals, moss treatment prevents moss growth, often eliminating the need to remove it.