Thank you for visiting my Aurora real estate website. I’ve created this bio page so you can learn more about who I am. I’ve been in the real estate business since 2006 and have accomplished a lot. However, I’m not going to talk about most of that here. I’ll post a full CV at some point in the future for those that are interested in reading it. I’m taking a slightly different approach here and wanted to really tell you who I am rather than what I’ve done.

My biggest inspiration in my life is my family. I have a beautiful wife and little baby daughter and they’re why I work hard at what I do. When I’m not working, mostly I’m spending time with them. I feel it’s very important to be very active in my daughter’s life and I truly love being a dad. Since my daughter was born I have really gained an appreciation for our excellent Fox Valley Park District as well as the many other family activities in this area.

Another of my big interests is music. I studied to be a professional musician in college and while I’ve left that career path, I still maintain an active interest. I’ve had some excellent opportunities to play with some great groups in the area including the Milwaukee Ballet, South Bend Symphony, Fox Valley Concert Band, Chicago Brass Band and professional performances with Frankie Valli and “Irish Tenor” Ronan Tynan. One thing I’m constantly amazed at is how the skills you learn as a musician are so useful in real estate. Working together as a team with other professionals, providing excellent service to clients, cultivating a professional image and many more skills are shared between both real estate and music. In fact, I think my professional music training is one of the reasons why I’ve been so successful at this business.

I love to cook and although it’s sometimes hard to find the time, I love trying to make new foods. My family and I love ethnic cooking and trying new foods, I’ve make lots of foods from different ethnic groups including authentic German Sauerbraten, Greek Souvlaki, Pakistani Mujaddara, Cajun Gumbo, Indian Butter Chicken, Thai Tom Ka Gai, African Wat and much more. One thing I believe in and try to promote in my cooking and shopping is locally-sourced ingredients. I support our local growers and livestock farmers and try to buy as much as possible from farmers markets, farmstands and markets that source these things locally first.

Finally, one of my other big interests is wines. I used to be an avid wine buyer and maintain a cellar of a couple hundred bottles. I’d say my cellar is about 40% German Riesling, 20% Bordeaux, 20% Port, 10% Sauternes, and 10% misc. My wife and I stated loving Rieslings and were fortunate enough to be able to get in on the fantastic 2001 harvest. Both our tastes changed just in time to get in on 2003 Bordeaux and Sauternes Futures. Currently we love to mix things up and appreciate a big beefy Barossa Shiraz one night and a nice Junmai Daiginjo Sake the next. My cellar also includes some more unusual wines such as Hungarian Tokaji and sweet Chenin blanc wines from the Loire valley in France. Currently, I feel there are real values in California, Spanisn and Argentinian reds as well as some excellent non-oaked California Chardonnay and New Zealand Sauv blancs.